CIOD 2017


  1. Artificial intelligence applications in manufacturing
  2. Big data and internet of things in operations
  3. Cyber-physical production systems
  4. High resolution manufacturing, product traceability
  5. Cloud services for manufacturing
  6. Safety engineering and applications
  7. Rapid prototyping
  8. Industry 4.0 in Thai context
  9. Supply chain and logistics management
  10. Sustainable production and circular economy
  11. Risk, uncertainty, disaster management, and resilient supply chain
  12. Ergonomics
  13. Manufacturing processes and technology, CAD/CAM/CIM
  14. Foundry, welding, surface and evaluation technology
  15. Metallurgy and engineering materials
  16. Mechatronics and automation
  17. Production and operations management
  18. Operations research and decision support system
  19. Quality and reliability management
  20. Industrial engineering education
  21. Industrial engineering applications in production and service sectors
  22. Other industrial engineering related topics
“CIOD2017 มีการเปิดรับและพิจารณาบทความ 2 รอบ โดยผ้ส่งบทความสามารถเลือกส่งบทความรอบใดก็ได้ หรือทั้ง 2 รอบ”

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